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Yala edge bungalow located by the edge of YALA National Park with a paranomic view of blue sky kissing lush green mountains by the paddy fields. You have traveled 250 km from Colombo to the land where the elephant, bear, leopard, wild boar and the peacock roam freely.

  • We had the most amazing honeymoon trip in Yala¬†thanks to you. There is no question the trip far exceeded our expectation. Thank you!

    Mary Templeton
  • Everything was absolutely amazing and all of the details were just perfect. You made the entire trip just effortless! The best trip i’ve ever had.

    John Peterson
  • Thank you for the marvelous trip you arranged in India. We could never have put together such a well-planned visit by ourselves. Amazing!

    Lisa Blackwood

Near Places


Katharagama is a regionally popular place of pilgrimage of Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim and indigenous Vedda communities of Sri Lanka and South India.The Kirivehera Dageba which stands in close proximity to the Devale was built by the King Mahasena.

Wedihiti Kanda

nearp1Wedihiti Kanda (Wedahiti Kanda) is a rocky mountain located about 3.5 km from the famous Kataragama Devalaya. Except for Kataragama Devalaya and Sella Kataragama, Wedihiti Kanda is one of the most popular destination for the pilgrims to Kataragama.


nearp1Situlpawwa rock temple with a history of over 2000 years is one of the significant Buddhist sites built in the 2nd Century BC. Located deep within the Yala National Park within the Hambantota district in the deep south of Sri Lanka,

Yala Edge

  • Taste the tantalizing flavors prepared by our chef, who specializes in traditional Sri Lankan cuisine and Chinese recipes.
  • We do hope that out here in the jungle you will be able to revitalize a dormant part of your mind, spirit and soul.
  • No matter how you choose to relax, the beauty of the natural surrounding will help you, observe the wild life, and count butterflies.
  • For the first time in Sri Lanka Yala Edge has introduced a Caravan concept. Great! it is like a walking house.

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